If you have had a flood, pipe leak, roof leak, a malfunctioning appliance, sewage backup and any other source of large amounts of water intrusion into your property, you have water damage.  If you have not taken care of water damage within 24-48 hours, most likely mold has begun to develop.

If you have had water damage, the first thing that needs to be done before mold remediation can take place is water damage restoration.
Generally, the water extraction equipment that we have is sufficient to completely remove the majority of the water from the affected area(s) including carpets and upholstery.  However, occasionally, the damage will be too extensive for us to handle and we will have to recommend that you call a company that has the proper equipment to handle the situation.
After most of the water is extracted, we can then use industrial fans, desiccant drying equipment and dehumidifiers to rapidly dry the still wet areas.
Once the area(s) are completely dry we use a HEPA filtered vacuum to clean up the remaining dust that might have settled on the surface(s).
Once everything is clean and dry, we can then proceed to remove any mold growth on surfaces and in the air.
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