Mold remediation NYC

After an inspection has taken place and lab results have confirmed that there is mold present in the environment, removal is necessary.

Water damage restoration NYC

Floods, pipe leak, roof leak, a malfunctioning appliance, sewage backup and any other source of large amounts of water intrusion into your property, you have water damage. 

Mold inspecting, mold testing NYC

An air and visual inspection is the most initial step in identifying a possible mold contamination problem.

Thermal imaging and mold infra red inspection NYC

Infrared inspections are increasingly requested for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Commercial mold services
There is no job too big for our technicians!
Extensive mold contamination in office buildings and other indoor commercial environments can be a serious and dangerous problem.
Emergency and after hours mold service

Because mold can potentially be toxic, once detected, remediation must take place immediately to avoid futher unnecessary exposure

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