Mold Inspection & Testing

A visual inspection is the most important initial step in identifying a possible mold contamination problem.
The purpose of the visual assessment is to identify visual mold contamination or conditions that may be conducive to microbial growth; to detect the presence, or likely presence, of mold.
We pinpoint the problem areas in your home or business.  We look for indications of mold growth such as actual mold growing on your walls or signs that there may be moisture lurking behind your walls.  Signs of moisture include leaks, excessive condensation on windows, water spots on the walls, uneven foundation, cracks and gaps in exterior of property and clogged gutters.
We visually check all ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning units, particularly for damp filters but also for damp conditions elsewhere in the system and overall cleanliness.
After visually assessing the area(s) for actual visual mold and growth and evidence of heavy moisture, we will then try and pinpoint the source of the moisture which is most likely the reason that you may have a mold problem in the first place.
Swabs and air samples will be taken from areas that we have deemed to be most conducive to mold growth.  Keep in mind that cross contamination (see article about cross contamination) is always a problem due to ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, heating systems and fans.  In other words, if we take an air sample on the first floor, most likely, the air borne mold spores will have traveled to the second floor through the ducts and vents within the property.

After all of the necessary data is accumulated, we will send the samples (swab and/or air) to our laboratory for analysis.  Once we receive the lab results confirming that there is in fact mold growth detected, we provide those to you as well as a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations for remediation.

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