Thermal Imaging

Infrared inspections are increasingly requested for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  These inspections utilize the same technology found in military, aerospace and medical industries.
Limiting moisture detection to visible evidence is generally not a good idea.  By the time visible evidence has presented itself, significant damage may have already been done.  In many cases, moisture or water intrusion may have been developing for a while before obvious signs become apparent.  By employing thermal imaging, inspectors can locate moisture issues before they become large problems and lead to serious damage, as well as gather details in cases where moisture intrusion has already become obvious.
A visual inspection that includes thermal imaging is vital for the following reasons:
  • It allows examination of areas that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • It allows examination of areas that are difficult to access, such as tall ceilings.
  • It allows for larger areas to be examined quickly.
  • It helps locate sources of moisture intrusion, such as leaks in plumbing and/or roof.
  • It helps determine the extent of moisture intrusion.
  • It allows the user to trace the moisture intrusion through other affected areas.
  • It identifies moisture without the need for direct contact in potentially unsanitary areas, such as behind the toilet.
  • It provides visual documentation of moisture intrusion.
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