If there is a moisture problem in your home or building, then there most probably is a mold problem.  If there are areas in your home or building that indicate water damage, then moisture is present and possible mold growth.

When looking for water damage pay attention to the following indications:

Concrete Flooring:

Vapor transmission in concrete slabs is the leading cause of flooring material failure.  The same vapor that causes a failure in floor coverings can be the source of microbe promoting moisture.  Vapor naturally transmits from the ground, through the slab, and into the building envelope by a difference in vapor pressure.

Poorly installed vapor barriers, imporperly poured slabs and stress cracks from settling and geological movement can all contribute to excessive vapor transmission.  Potential indicators of excessive concrete slab vapor transmission include:

  • Discoloration or bubbles in sheet vinyl flooring
  • Dark lines and curling in vinyl compostion tile
  • Dampness under boxes and chair pads
  • Carpet that was directly glued to slab peels back easily
  • The slab is a dark gray under the flooring
  • The slab has no vapor barrier
  • Tests and inspection of underground pipes show them to be in poor condition

Other visual indications of water damage that may be found around your home:

  • Discoloration and bulges on drywall or plaster
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Loose and/or crumbly plaster
  • Deteriorating and crumbling mortar on masontry interior walls
  • Solid wood paneling will show signs of bulging, loose sections, stains and delaminating of layers
  • Discoloration and/or buckling of ceiling tiles
  • Condensation on windows and/or skylights
  • Malfunctioning windows and/or doors
  • Threshold seals on doors are not functioning as designed
  • Cracked grout between tiles
  • Crumbling tiles
  • Discoloration and curling of vinyl tiles
  • Hardwood floors will buckle and the finish will be discolored
  • Carpet stains
  • Obvious wetness in the carpets
  • Cracked caulking

These are the most prevalent visual signs that you may have water damage, however, hidden water damage can only be found behind walls and under floors and in ceilings using various moisture detection equipment such as infrared technology and/or moisture meters and borescopes.

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